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How to download music from Youtube as mp3’s

I’ve fixed many the computer infected to the brim with viruses just because the kids tried to “download a song from internet”.

Over the years things have changed, many music file sharing programs have come and gone, torrents is the most popular way currently but several ISP block torrent sites and browsing your most likely to bump into pornographic advertising, unsavory content for the kids, so how can you get your favorite tunes and avoid all the crap?

It’s most likely the song you want is on Youtube and all you have to do copy and paste the Youtube address of the video you want as an mp3 into this website and click on the OFF button.


It will it then in a few seconds give you the option to save the file as mp3 or even as a mp4 video file. All you have to do is right click and “Save file as” on the link.

No filesharing software used, no funny downloads from websites or untrustworthy addons installed in your browser, neat 🙂

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