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Advanced tricks, tips & hacks for advanced eBay sellers

This video shows you some of the unique things I do with eBay to help me get things done faster.

– Using AuctionSplash to print labels
– Using SysExporter to mass extract order emails from inside a programs list
– Using eZyLinkPreview, to make links into pop up windows so you dont have to move away from the page your on
– Using AutoHotKey to create canned responses you can use in any program or website
– Using Woopra to chat to clients
– Using Easy Email Extractor to take a chunk of text containing scattered emails and extract them

How to Setup SignCut Pro with a CUTOK DC240 cutter

If your using a CUTOK DC240 cutter, here is video I made showing how to configure SignCut Pro to work with it.

The definitive guide on how to install microsoft windows xp

This video I made covers everything you ever needed to know on how to achieve a complete fully working installation of Microsoft Windows XP.

Whether your having problems changing BIOS to boot from cd or finding and installing drivers to get your sound, graphics and wifi up and running, everything is covered with professional tips and advice all the way.

WordPress, can’t upload .exe files

WordPress only accepts general images, video and document formats, If you try to upload any other file type you will get security warning Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

To quickly allow, add this to your  wp-config.php


CLEver.exe, command line tool to control playback of Winamp

Needed to automate winamp, forward a track every 30 minutes, becuase it was playing from a playlist of radio streams, used a batch file with this command line tool to do it CLEveR

command line eg,
clever next

How to extract a drop down menu list from a webpage using Chrome

At times i’ve needed to extract data from a webpages dropdown menus and lists, instead of rummaging thru html I found this excellent addon for chrome that extracts it called Export HTML List Options

Samsung NP-NC10 HSDPA modem drivers

Reinstalled XP on a Samsung NC10 with a HSDPA modem for which I couldn’t find a download for the drivers, however I found that if you install the Samsung Connection Manager the drivers get installed also.

Has your keyboard just stopped working?

If you find yourself with your keyboard suddenly stopped working but your touchpad and buttons working just fine then check you haven’t accidentally activated “Filter Keys” by pressing both shift keys at the same time for 8 seconds.

Once you do that, keyboard operations will go back to normal.

filter keys

Windows Filter Keys ignores keyboard input unless the key is held down for a significant period of time, designed as a windows accessibility feature,  you may have accidentally activated this.


How to access blocked torrent websites

The infamous torrent website The Pirate Bay has released an all in one TOR/Firefox installation that allows you to access blocked normal domains and also internal .onion servers hosting secondary access to the most popular torrent sites, download from

Do not use it to access any personal information, email etc, using the TOR network technically makes you more anonymous but if you send any unencrypted traffic everyone can see it.

How to convert jpg images to a movie file using Mplayer’s MEncoder

Here’s a command line to convert a folder with jpg’s into a mp4 using MEncoder

mencoder mf://*.jpg -mf fps=25 -o output.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4

MEncoder is part of MPlayer, download from

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