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Movies and TV


move files from many folders into another
FOR /R "C:\Source Folder" %i IN (*.png) DO MOVE "%i" "C:\Staging Folder"

If you want to put this into a batch file, change %i to %%i.

Youtube Vanced, a youtube client alternative


Fantastic app that has many features including audio playback whilst screen is turned off and ad blocking.

Torrent magnet uri


add the torrent hash and play it in stremio.

You can also copy the hash from stremio and to download it

Winamp plugin to copy playlist files to a folder


copy the dll in the plugins folder

ExpressVPN firmware for routers


How reset a firestick using the remote

press and hold the right and back for 10 seconds

Activate a Microsoft Office product without using the telephone or internet activation

This really cool tool can generate the activation key using your install ID form Microsoft Office 2016 and previous versions.




SpaceSniffer, a tool to analyse folder size on your hard disk





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